Children's Modelling & Confidence Classes

Children's Modelling & Confidence Classes

Club Pitter Patter (Girls 5-8 years) and Pre-Teen Club (Girls 9-12 years) is intended to deliver age appropriate classes in confidence development, deportment, health and fitness

Giving them the confidence and knowhow for the future. These classes also offer young participants the opportunity to experience modelling in a safe non-competitive and fun environment.


Individual assistance with improving their posture while also learning the art of positive body language. 

Speech & Communication

Children receive guidance in improving speech and communication skills. Learning to express themselves with more confidence. 


The children are thought how to walk and move like a model with choreographed routines and participating in autumn/winter and spring/summer annual charity fashion shows. 

Team Building

We have outings to the Cinema to nurture team building which is very important from a very young age. As part of team-building we have additional activities throughout the year